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241 College of Liberal Arts Students Voted AKOFA for Senator to Represent Them for a Better School


Winning UNC Charlotte Senator of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Your Vote Made the Difference

Now that I possess more power

I’ll fight to make all I promised you come true


║║║ THANK YOU ║║║


Campaign Director – Joël Amoakon

In-Kind/Cash Donor – Edem Dossou

I cannot thank enough all the people who have made this quest a reality: campaign team members, UNC Charlotte faculty, my family, friends, supporters and allies.


║~║~║ I Took Good Note of Your Demand for a Better College ║~║~║

Don’t stop, keep sending me your demand!

At the College Level:

  1. Equal Opportunity for ALL
  2. More accessible Financial Aid for Students
  3. Top-Notch Tutors for Students
  4. Concrete and Rewarding Jobs Opportunity for ALL Majors
  5. Higher Amount in Merit-based Scholarships
  6. More Need-based Scholarships
  7. Elocution Classes for International Students
  8. Promotion of Honor Programs to Students Early in their Curriculum
  9. Develop Rewarding Partnerships Between UNC Charlotte and Top Tier Colleges
  10. Initiate Student Competitions on Such Topics as Science and Arts
  11. Reliable Classroom Equipment
  • “Share your thoughts to this post to extend the list”

At the College Life Level:

  1. More “Positive” Social Gatherings for Students Across Campus
  • “Comment to this post to extend the list”

At the Post-College Level:

  • More tailored career advising
  • What services or professional guidance would you want the college to offer YOU?
    “Give your input in the “Leave a Reply”section





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